Appier supports EF Shop to adopt AI in its digital transformation trilogy

Taiwan, Warta9 – Appier today announced the campaign results of implementing its AI-based marketing personalization cloud for EF Shop, a Taiwanese fashion e-commerce brand, which has worked with Appier since 2019 to create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. Established over 10 years ago, EF Shop is constantly looking for new ways to facilitate customer engagement and provide a more intuitive shopping experience for its onsite visitors. To this end, EF Shop has teamed up with Appier to initiate three-phases of digital transformation that uses AI to meet and exceed what shoppers may need and want during their customer journeys for a corresponding result enhancement.

in a press release received by the editor of warta9, Tuesday, April 26, 2022, stated that: In Phase 1, EF Shop improved its web engagement through AIQUA’s multichannel automated marketing that resulted in 4X the subscription rate and 3.6X the active subscriber count of the industry benchmark. In Phase 2, EF Shop used one of AIQUA’s recommendation engines that displays personalized product recommendation at each touchpoint and stage of the customer journey to increase the probability and accelerate the speed of transaction. In Phase 3, EF Shop onboarded five other recommendation scenarios with advanced hybrid algorithms to provide a more detailed personalized recommendation, which performed 3X better than basic recommendation. This indicated that AI product recommendation models that integrate text and images help improve website cross-selling capabilities, more accurately predict the potential needs of customers, create business opportunities and maximize the value of products.

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