Introducing Some Examples of News Leads for Beginner Journalists

Lead or news core is part of the structure of news writing. News terrace is the first paragraph in the news that contains an overview of the overall content of the news.

This element is a very important factor in the presentation of the news because it is also a teaser or attracts the interest of the audience to continue to follow the news. Like music, like an intro that sounds so fun, it can make our interest in the song appear.

What is an example of using leads in news based on their types? Here’s the description;

Hard Lead

The kind that goes straight to the heart of the story by showing the most important information from an event. This news terrace is most commonly used in news writing; and is also known as a straight lead.

Example: “There was a shootout between the Police and the ISIS group in the South Sumatra area, Wednesday, June 26, 2019.”

Soft Lead

Don’t go straight to the heart of the story; and only provide perspective or throw impact from the core of the story.

Example: “Lampung is an interesting tourist destination, one of which is Lake Ranau. A tourist destination that offers views of the mountains and lakes from the top of the tree.”

Greeting Lead

News terraces that seem to greet or talk directly to the readers. Usually this type of news terrace is used for feature writing.

Example: “Now you who usually use trains as transportation for daily activities, don’t need to worry anymore. Because PT KAI has provided women-only carriages.”

Question Lead

The form of news terraces that uses interrogative sentences to captivate the readers.

Example: “Have you ever eaten a black hamburger?”

Umbrella Lead

Briefly summarize some facts about the core or gist of the story; sometimes called a lead summary.

Example: “Culinary tours to Food Fighter in Tubaba, Lampung not only pamper the stomach, but also exist as a food court with a video game concept. The menu is also unique and contemporary, such as black noodles, Bulgarian waffles, nutella flash, and many more.”

The use of some of the news above does not have to be just one, but it can also be a combination of two or three types of news. The important thing that must be ensured is to attract the interest of the reader to follow the news or story more deeply, because that is the goal.

Author : Joni Efendi (Editorial Implementation Of Warta9)

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