Luxury without compromise: OPPO’s engineers pioneered the ceramic back for Find X5 Pro

SHENZHEN, – The new OPPO Find X5 Pro, a premium flagship handset born from never-before-seen pioneering engineering methods. Available in stunning ceramic and vegan leather, the curved nature of Find X5 Pro’s rear wraps elegantly and organically around the camera housing in an innovative volcano-like design to create an utterly seamless experience, look, and feel, that no other device comes close to matching.

Quoting the pers release that Media OutReach sent to the editor of Warta9, Wednesday (March 16 2022). Building on the knowledge of creating a similar curved glass rear for Find X3, engineers had to overcome even more substantial challenges to help create a zero-compromise result that met the exact specifications (while surpassing and creating many industry standards in the process).

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Find X5 Pro’s ceramic back is made from a microcrystalline material that’s calcined at a temperature of 1000-degrees Celsius to create a texture that reduces fingerprints while being twice as strong as glass, with double the heat dissipation.

The downside, however, is that due to its strength, it’s a very tricky and unforgiving material to work with. The thought of creating Find X5 Pro’s precise, organic curved back from such a material seems impossible, but OPPO’s engineers have invented a process which sees the ceramic rear panel carved like a work of art with over 2,000 individual control points used to create its seamlessly organic curves.

Taming the ceramic panel posed some crucial hurdles for engineers to solve, and it took six months of research and development in molding, machining and polishing process to create Find X5 Pro’s iconic curved rear.

A material that’s both incredibly strong and resistant to scratches and drops, ceramic is superior to glass in multiple ways, and was therefore the natural choice for a premium handset like Find X5 Pro, further pushing the boundaries of Find X3’s glass design. The downside to ceramic’s robust properties, however, is that it’s difficult to machine, which is clearly problematic when it comes to producing Find X5 Pro’s unique curved rear design.

Using known existing manufacturing methods resulted in too large a cap between the ceramic rear cover and the camera housing, with less of a smooth curve gradient to boot – an unacceptable outcome.

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