Putri Ariani Appears Fantastic on America’s Got Talent

Jakarta, Warta9.com – The sensational singer Putri Ariani from Indonesia was able to impress Simon Cowell, judge of America’s Got Talent. The blind singer’s appearance was able to attract the attention of the audience who were very enthusiastic about watching her performance at the talent search event.

Even her incredible and triumphant performance on America’s Got Talent It was an act that moved many viewers to tears. Even the usually stoic judge, Simon Cowell, 63, appeared briefly over the Princess’ actions.

This 17-year-old multihyphenate musician has lofty ambitions – with his heart set on Juilliard going to college.

Having an ‘angelic’ voice, as judge Sofia Vergara said, certainly doesn’t hurt.

Playing her own acoustic piano accompaniment, Putri, who is blind, made it through to the next round with flying colors after getting the golden buzzer from Cowell.

Putri started her action by singing a song which turned out to be a real number to amaze the audience.

As one member of the audience was later heard gushing: “I thought it was a pop song – it was so good!”

After Cowell walked onto the stage to personally ask him to play the second song, Princess unveiled Elton John’s rendition of Sorry Seems Like the Hardest Word.

“A lot of people don’t believe in angels – and I think one of them just landed on our stage,” quipped fellow judge Howie Mandel praising Putri’s talent.

Viewers at home seem to agree. ‘He made me cry; she must have talent,’ one fan tweeted.

On June 6, “America’s Got Talent” season 18 continued with the second part of the audition episode. In this early stage of the competition, each judge is given one “golden buzzer” decision to make a decision on where they can send the live act into the live show.

The judge who pushed the button of his own accord for the first time this season was Simon Cowell. On Tuesday night he let gold confetti rain down on 17-year-old singer and pianist Putri Ariani from Indonesia. Watch the full performance in the video above.

Ahead of her audition, Putri said she had always dreamed of being on “AGT,” noting that her biggest challenge was for people to see her as a blind person and not a musician.

By coming to America for the first time from Indonesia, she hopes to dispel myths about herself by singing an original song she wrote and played on the piano. He also hopes, as he tells Simon, that his goal in life is to attend Juilliard and win a Grammy.

After the performance, Simon rushed up to the stage to introduce himself to Putri besides her father who had returned to accompany her on stage.

When Simon returned to the jury stand he told the others that he had asked if he would sing another song because he liked her voice so much. Putri dedicated her second song, a cover of “Sorry Seems Like the Hardest Word” to Simon.

After his second vocal, all the judges stood up to applaud as did the rest of the audience. With her father back on stage with her, Princess told Sofia Vergara she was “feeling so excited” and that she “couldn’t believe it”.

Sofia and Howie Mandel called Princess an angel and a superstar. Heidi Klum told him she “sounds so pretty”, especially on the first track. Just then Princess tells them that the first song is original, which surprises them even more.

Simon concluded by saying he has an “amazing, signature voice” and “kind of a glow about you.” He asked again about his dream of going to Juilliard, saying that he “didn’t know if this would make a difference or not” while pressing a button to shower the Princess in gold confetti.

As the season’s newest golden buzzer act, Putri Ariani will join the audience’s select Mzansi Youth Choir to be seen next in live performances starting August 22. (**)


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