An American man had the heart to stab his Indonesian citizen-in-law to death

Jakarta, – The action of an American man who had the heart to kill his own father-in-law in Banjar City, West Jaba Province, Indonesia. The perpetrator with the initials ALW (35) stabbed the victim using a sharp object such as a knife until he died.

Apart from killing, the perpetrator also damaged the furniture in the victim’s house. After being investigated, the cause of the peria, whose full name is Arthur Leigh Welohr, revealed the pact:

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Initially, it was discovered that American foreigners killed their in-laws, the victim, Agus Sopiyan (58), a resident of Randegan Hamlet, Raharja Village, Purwaharja District, Banjar City, died horribly on Sunday (24/9/2023) afternoon. Agus died because he was stabbed.

The perpetrator is suspected to be a foreign citizen (WNA) from the United States with the initials ALW (35) who is the victim’s son-in-law. The perpetrator allegedly stabbed his father-in-law using a sharp object such as a knife.

“Yes, I received a report from residents, the foreigner came here. Then the foreigner stabbed the man-in-law. The victim was in the house behind,” said Raharja Village Head Yayat Ruhiyat to reporters.

Yayat admitted that he did not know the chronology of the incident. He went to the scene after receiving reports from residents.

Meanwhile, the Banjar Police Criminal Investigation Unit is currently handling the case. The police have also investigated the crime scene and arrested the perpetrator.

According to the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Banjar Police, AKP Ali Jupri, before the stabbing incident, the perpetrator with the initials ALW (35) had an argument with his wife.

“We carried out an interrogation, so it started with an argument between the suspect and his wife, a family problem. The suspect came to the victim’s house looking for his wife. His wife was not there, only his in-laws were in the garden. He immediately stabbed the victim in the neck,” said Ali, Monday ( 9/25/2023).

Before stabbing his father-in-law to death, a foreigner from America damaged the victim’s house. The incident occurred on Saturday (16/9/2023).

Household furniture and even televisions were destroyed and damaged by the foreigners. The foreigner suddenly came to his in-laws’ house and destroyed a number of furniture.

The head of Raharja Village, Yayat Ruhiyat, confirmed that previously the foreigner had vandalized his in-laws’ house. The victim’s family has also reported it to the police.

“It’s true that there was vandalism. The victim’s name was Agus. The perpetrator, according to our identity, is a foreign citizen from America, California,” he said, Saturday (24/9/2023).

After the vandalism incident, the perpetrator went to his in-laws’ house. Then, the American foreigner was suspected of carrying out the stabbing using a sharp object.

Arthur Leigh Welohr (35), an American foreigner who killed his father-in-law in Banjar, has been detained at the Ciamis Police Headquarters to be processed according to the laws in force in Indonesia. The police have also asked for information from a number of witnesses and the victim’s family.

“Seeing this incident, the family’s problems went into mediation. However, his in-laws filed a police report. We carried out a legal process. Last Friday we were invited and attended for an examination. We have also carried out a case title for investigation,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Banjar Police, AKP Ali Jupri.

Meanwhile, the motive for American foreigners to kill their in-laws in Banjar
A foreigner from the US, Arthur Leigh Welohr (35), had the heart to stab his father-in-law, Agus Sopiyan (58), to death. Now, Arthur’s motive for stabbing his father-in-law to death has been revealed.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Banjar Police, AKP Ali Jupri, conveyed the results of the interim interrogation, the suspect Arthur Leigh Welohr admitted that his father-in-law (the victim) was obstructing the suspect’s family relationship with his wife. So, feeling that he himself was not being defended, the suspect finally carried out this action.

“The person concerned felt that his father-in-law was obstructing the family relationship between the suspect and his wife, so he felt that he himself was not being defended and finally carried out this action,” said Ali in a written statement from Banjar Police Public Relations, Monday (25/9/2023).

Arthur, who comes from the state of California, is said to have had run-ins with the law in 2015. Arthur was arrested for the attempted murder of a man and a woman in the Silver Terrace neighborhood of San Francisco.

Traces of news about this case also circulated in cyberspace. In the news, it was stated that Arthur carried a sharp weapon and hacked two people, namely a man and a woman, until they were injured.

“If the suspect does admit it, we still have to check with Interpol to see whether or not he has committed a crime in his home country,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Banjar Police, AKP Ali Jupri, when met at the Banjar Police Headquarters, Monday (25/9).

“It must be proven with existing documents. We also have to look into Interpol. In Indonesia, for example, person A who has been convicted must ask for a letter from the court saying that someone A has committed a previous crime,” Ali said, as reported by News.detik, Tuesday (26/9/2023). (**)

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