The Alchemist of Light High Jewelry Collection by De Beers is Stunning

Paris, – Light is pure energy, emanating from the sun and stars, interacting with the world around us, revealing its many expressions. It can flash with intensity or radiate softness. Highlight shapes or create shadows. Shine with clarity or conjure optical illusions. When it touches a diamond, its colour, cut and the way it is set makes the relationship become even more mesmerising.

Following the launch in January of the first chapter of The Alchemist of Light High Jewellery collection, De Beers Jewellers continues to explore the natural, elemental magic of light, unveiling five new jewellery sets during Couture Week in Paris. The new chapter reveals the astonishing and diverse Dusk Reflection, Ascending Shadows, Midnight Aura, Optical Wonder and Frozen Capture sets that explore and interpret light in ever inventive ways.

Through a press release received by the reaction of, (7 July 2022). The collection comprises a total of 45 one-of-a-kind pieces, with the new sets sitting alongside Atomique, a creative interpretation of diamonds at a molecular level and Light Rays, capturing the moment sunlight radiates across the morning sky.

“The Alchemist of Light High Jewellery collection represents the most creatively and technically ambitious collection we have ever conceived and crafted,” says Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers. “It incorporates exceptional diamonds in white and fancy colours, including some specially selected from our Natural Works of Art collection. Our design studio, collaborating with our specialist craftspeople, has created individual pieces that are truly wearable works of art.

There are so many elements that push boundaries. The Dusk Reflection set not only has detachable elements, the magnificent choker transforms into two cuffs, a masterpiece of artistry and technical execution. Both the Ascending Shadows and Optical Wonder sets use coloured titanium and aluminium in striking pink and blue shades to sublime sculptural effect, showcasing both white and fancy colour diamonds. Midnight Aura, evocative of cosmic stardust, sets diamonds within the green gemstone chrysoprase, while Frozen Capture layers diamonds juxtaposed with rock crystal motifs. Every piece is as exquisite as it is extraordinary.”


In a palette of pink and white, the Dusk Reflection set, with four unique designs, is inspired by a sunset radiating a soft glow over the horizon. The design incorporates De Beers’ iconic Enchanted Lotus motif, inspired by the lotus, a flower associated with the sun because it blooms by day, retreats into the water at night, remerging fresh in the morning. The repetitive pattern is suggestive of daily rhythms.

Pieces are sensual and feminine, with white round brilliant diamonds woven within alternating rose and white gold settings. Satinée radial finishing lends the gold a brushed appearance, enhancing its radiance.


The magnificent choker is beautifully flexible and has a sensuous, tactile quality. A multiplicity of lotus motifs suspend an exquisite 1.13 carat, fancy intense pink radiant-cut diamond from De Beers Natural Works of Art collection. A near-invisible mechanical system allows the diamond to be detached and worn as a pendant on a longer necklace. Truly transformative, the choker also divides to create a pair of stunning cuffs.

The longline earrings in rose and white gold, featuring white diamond lotus motifs in delicate openwork, can also be worn as studs, or presenting a third styling opportunity, worn asymmetrically. The pendant necklace showcases a beautiful 1.02 carat round brilliant white diamond within a motif that can also be detached – the necklace with its graphic diamond motifs then becomes an elegant sautoir. Completing the set are the bold quadrilateral earrings surrounding a round brilliant diamond at their centres, a fusion of classic and contemporary design. (**)

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